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Product & Visual Design

In 2014, I was asked to assist with the UX and Visual Design of a new "identity aggregation" startup in San Francisco. The idea was to allow for "influencers" (be they celebrities, thought leaders, or brands) to have a single home on the web to which to point your browser or app to see the latest content from them. Most "personal brands" on the web had no fewer than three or four places to keep up with (Insta, FB, Twitter, Whosay, etc.), so at the time it made sense. These are sketches from my time with them, leading both UX and Visual Design.

A cross-platform Burberry campaign, envisioned as a single home with


An influencer, as envisined with a single home on

My role

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My involvementUX, Visual Design, Creative Technologist (Prototyping)
TeamsProduct Manager, Engineering Lead
Project duration2014