I'm Will, a Designer & Technologist.

I believe in connecting
ideas and people to build
meaningful, useful, beautiful

What I Do

A bit about my skills

User Experience Design

I believe in the consideration of the full experience for the intended audience, from their perspective. UX is as much about empathy building as it is about tools mastery and the ability to articulate the simple solution to a complex problem. Throughtout my years as a UX designer, I've developed set of techniques and tools which I leverage selectively in order to build experiential meaning and true utility.

User Research

I have had the great privilege of working alongside a number of extremely talented, highly empathetic User Experience Research professionals at companies like Google, Yahoo!, Salesforce and Grand Rounds. I am able to run a fully user-centered research process from qualitative early insights & secondary research, to ethnographies and field work, user testing, interviews and quantitiative analysis. It's one of my favorite parts of the job.

Visual & Interaction Design

With the advent of more capable devices — on the desk, in the palm, car, or kitchen — the ability to express the way in which an interaction is meant to unfold has become more important than ever. Tasks, in the end, are made up of combinations of interactions, and each of those interactions needs and deserves due consideration. Animation and prototyping technqiues/tools have improved the level of control over and refinability of a given interaction tremendously, which is a good thing: each of those small, capable computers represent different modalities, contexts of use, and intentionality, all of which require due care.

Prototyping & Creative Technology

My wheelhouse includes HTML/CSS, Type/Javascript, Nextjs (Vercel), Swift, Objective C, React (Native), Python, postgres small scale database/schema design/implementation, API design + implementation. AI/ML: Tensorflow, OpenAI API, Azure OpenAI, Claude API, and Hugging Face models of various sorts. I'm also a fan of physical prototyping with tools like the Raspberry Pi/Arduino. On the design side of things, I've been using Sketch, Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, and InVision for 20+ years in some cases.

What I've Done

Selected work

Other companies I've worked with include:

Lockheed-Martin, Caterpilar, Lycos Avanced Projects, The Chidren's Place, PepsiCo, Dr. Seuss Enterprises, Pingpin/Ditto, The Smithsonian Institution, John Hancock, Harvard Medical School, The Public Health Company, Softbank/Japan, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, and a number of startups. In, 2019 I was awarded the Presidential Innovation Fellowship working alongside the CTO of the VA. I declined the fellowship to pursue other opportunities. Subsequently, I was offered a position with the United States Digital Service (USDS, working within the Executive Office of The President), which I again declined in 2019.

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