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A bit about myself

I first knew I was keen on design at a very young age. I would sneak away from my desk at elementary school to rearrange artifacts my teacher had brought back from her time abroad into (what I considered to be) far more aesthetically appealing arrangements. Little did I know: I was actually flirting with a potential career in Interior Design down the road. In the end, I opted for User Experience Design.

When I was in High School, I discovered the internet, and all bets were off. The bug had bitten me. I began designing under the banner of my own small website design firm in Upstate New York, eventually went to school majoring in New Media, and got my first job designing full time. I decided to specialize in mobile back in 2001 because nobody knew quite what to make of it yet, but everyone agreed it was exciting — and those sorts of challenges appeal to me (I've since moved on to cross/multi-device design, but it was a lot of fun figuring mobile out back when). Early clients of mine included Bose, Dr. Seuss, Lockheed-Martin, Compaq, Ahold, Caterpillar, Harvard Medical School, John Hancock, and others.

In 2005, Yahoo! moved me to the Bay Area, and I've had the very good fortune to get to work with a number of extremely cool companies with a ton of extremely smart folks at places like Google, Yahoo!, Samsung Research, Salesforce, Gigwalk, and Grand Rounds.

It's been an exciting journey so far (to say the very least) and I'm always looking forward to what comes next.

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What I Do

A bit about my skills

User Experience Design

I believe in the consideration of the full experience for the intended audience, from their perspective. UX is as much about empathy building as it is about tools mastery and the ability to articulate the simple solution to a complex problem. Throughtout my years as a UX designer, I've developed set of techniques and tools which I leverage selectively in order to build experiential meaning and true utility.

User Research

I have had the great privilege of working alongside a number of extremely talented, highly empathetic User Experience Research professionals at companies like Google, Yahoo!, Salesforce and Grand Rounds. I am able to run a fully user-centered research process from qualitative early insights & secondary research, to ethnographies and field work, user testing, interviews and quantitiative analysis. It's one of my favorite parts of the job.

Visual & Interaction Design

With the advent of more capable devices — on the desk, in the palm, car, or kitchen — the ability to express the way in which an interaction is meant to unfold has become more important than ever. Tasks, in the end, are made up of combinations of interactions, and each of those interactions needs and deserves due consideration. Animation and prototyping technqiues/tools have improved the level of control over and refinability of a given interaction tremendously, which is a good thing: each of those small, capable computers represent different modalities, contexts of use, and intentionality, all of which require due care.

Prototyping & Creative Technology

I think of enabling technologies, frameworks, and languages as tools of the design process (not unlike, say, Sketch). It's imperative to take your idea from a static state (whether whiteboard or hi-fi mock) to a dynamic state where real people can live and interact with it. In addition to prototyping, I can also produce deployment-worthy code to hand to engineering, or work with engineering hand-in-hand to arrive at a particular technical solution. My wheelhouse includes HTML (Bootstrap), CSS/Less, Javascript/Coffeescript (jQuery), Java, Swift, Objective C, React (Native), Python, LAMP and small scale database/schema design/implementation. I'm also a fan of physical prototyping with tools like the Raspberry Pi/Arduino (boy is that stuff fun!).

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